Start 2019 on the right
PR and marketing track

New for 2019, we’re offering an exclusive package to help you kick-start your PR and marketing, and bring more sales or supporters your way.

Since we started Pay as you PR, we have found the elements of this package to be our most popular and effective tools. That is why we’ve decided to offer it as a bundle.

For the bargain price of just £500 you will get from us:

  • A one-hour in-depth welcome consultation (in person, over the phone or on Skype), followed by an audit of your external communications, from your website and social media, to any marketing or advertising materials you have created.
  • A tailored strategy covering all the PR and marketing activities that are suitable for you.

This includes looking at things like market research, branding and developing a ‘house style’, getting featured in the media and media training so you are confident speaking to journalists, social media, newsletters and email marketing, blog writing, website content, search engine optimisation – making sure everything you do helps to increase your profile on Google and other searches, and running events.

  • An exclusive Pay as you PR content planner, with training on how to use it, so you can efficiently plan content for all your communications channels, including your website, social media, newsletters, press releases and advertising.
  • A two-hour concluding consultation (in person, over the phone or on Skype) to bring together everything we have covered and planned. We will ensure you know exactly what to do with the strategy, and have a prioritised list of next steps.

Who is the starter package suitable for?

The starter package is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their own PR and marketing, but isn’t sure where to start, or who simply doesn’t have the time to work on it themselves.

The tools in this package have worked particularly well for start-up and new businesses, as they consider everything that has been done so far, and help put new, good habits in place.

Unlike lots of agencies and freelancers, which specialise in just PR or marketing, or a very specific aspect of either, Pay as you PR offers across-the-board support that is tailored to your business or charity.

We specialise in helping both new and small organisations, so we understand how important it is to offer solutions that are both affordable and effective.

Our top priority is to make you feel more, not less, confident about carrying out your own PR and marketing, so you can incorporate it into your everyday business activity.

We focus on efficiency, so it isn’t a burden to you, and making your PR and marketing cost-effective, which is why we always look first at free and low-cost solutions.

What we can and can’t promise

Our starter package is all about taking stock of what you have done so far and giving you the tools to implement a much more effective PR and marketing plan going forward.

Some of the changes will have an immediate effect, while others will be slow burners.

We can’t promise that you will see a 1000% increase in sales or donations overnight, but we will help you to make changes that will have long-lasting benefits for your organisation.

Our ethos is to always offer honest and straightforward advice to our clients, and we promise to help you improve your PR and marketing.

Your commitment to us

This package is designed to make life really easy for you, but in order for it to work we need you to do a few things.

We need you to commit to the process.

This means giving us as much information as you can during our initial consultation and handing over any materials you have so we can carry out a thorough audit.

It also includes taking on board the insights we share with you in the strategy and committing to spending a small amount of time each day or week to implementing the strategy.

Ultimately, the strategy is designed to make you more successful, so we’re sure you’ll be happy to do all of these things!

The small print

Starter packages must be paid for in full before work begins. They are only available to new Pay as you PR clients.

Once payment has been made, we will work with you to find a suitable date for work to begin. This will be subject to both yours and our availability, but we aim to carry out all initial consultations with clients within two weeks of purchasing the package.

We aim to complete work on the audit, strategy and content planner training within three weeks of the consultation, but this will also depend on availability and if there are any delays in you sending us the information we need. The final consultation should take place within two weeks of us sending your strategy to you, to give you time to digest it, but also have it fresh in your mind when we talk.

If more than one member of your team is going to be involved in carrying out PR and marketing activities, we are happy to do the initial and concluding consultations with up to three people. However, we ask you to nominate one person to be responsible for liaising with us as we carry out the audit and strategy writing.

Training on the use of our content planner can be given to up to three people, but must be carried out in the same session.

We are based in Norwich, Norfolk, and can carry out the initial consultation anywhere in person up to 10 miles from where we are based (NR2 2TL), with no additional charge.

We may consider requests to travel further for the consultation, but additional costs may be added to the package. For clients outside of this area, we carry out consultations over the phone or on Skype.

Our full terms and conditions of work will be detailed in a separate contract.

Sound like we could help you out?

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