SPECIAL OFFER: Pay as you PR Starter Package, just £350

December 19 2018

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In 2019 we are launching an exclusive Starter Package, perfect for start-ups and growing organisations to really get a handle on their PR and marketing.

To mark the end of 2018, Pay as you PR’s first year in business, we are offering the package at the discounted price of just £350, but only if you sign up by the end of December.

You can read about the package, what it entails, and how it works, in full, but I just wanted to explain how and why it came about.

A pattern emerges

Since starting Pay as you PR in the autumn, we’ve worked with various organisations that have all had basic things in common. All of them have been doing some form of PR and marketing, with varying degrees of success. Some of this has been online, some has been with printed materials, and some have featured in local press.

In most cases, these activities have been fairly experimental; throwing things at walls to see what sticks. This isn’t always a disastrous approach. Every organisation is different and while many principles of PR and marketing can be applied across different businesses and charities, at the end of the day they are all unique. So what works well for one might not for another, even if they seem similar on paper.

So there will always be a degree of trial and error, doing more of what seems to work and less of what doesn’t. But what is usually missing from these activities is a proper strategy and a process of evaluation.

How we work

So it makes sense with most of our clients that we start with an audit of everything they have been doing, or not as the case may be, to do with their external communications, and then come up with a really detailed strategy, tailored specifically to the individual business or charity, and what its top goals are.

This strategy is then used to put together a content plan, which covers everything from the website and social media to a PR schedule and email marketing – basically anything that is said publicly.

And, crucially, it involves evaluating activity so that lessons can be learned and you can make improvements each month, rather than repeating the same mistakes or missing out on opportunities.

Making the most of 2019

As we have worked with different clients, this approach became an obvious starting point for most businesses and charities, which is why we have formed a proper package out of the tools we use. With a new year beginning soon, it seemed like a great time to offer this as a way of giving clients a resolution they can kick off with in 2019, and maintain enthusiasm for throughout the year.

There’s no commitment beyond the package – our aim is always to empower clients so they feel like they can handle more and more PR and marketing activities themselves as time goes on. But, of course, we are here to continue supporting you if you need it, beyond this initial work.

In reality, when you are running a business or charity, having all the ideas in the world for great PR and marketing is of no use if you don’t actually have the time or support to carry it out. So we are happy to continue working with clients for as long as we are needed.

What next?

If this all sounds like it might be helpful to you, then please do read up more on the package and what it includes, and of course get in touch via the contact details or social media links in the footer below if you would like to find out more.

In the meantime, I wish you a very happy Christmas and fantastic 2019.

By Hannah Upton

Next steps

Whatever your business or charity goals are, we can help you achieve greater success through targeted PR and marketing activity. Get in touch to find out more.