How PR and marketing can help you

October 5 2018

Picture showing a blackboard with PR and marketing terms.

You couldn’t get a more diverse bunch than the people who are running small businesses and charities across the UK.

From absolutely every walk of life, you’ll have had very different motivations for starting your venture. You’ll be working your bums off on completely different tasks, and have very different ideas on PR and marketing. If you’re up to your eyeballs in just getting through the day with what you see as your main business or charity tasks, PR and marketing may feature very low down your priorities.

Imagine me now screaming from the rooftop that thinking about your PR and marketing activity is not an optional extra, not if you want your business or charity to be the best it can be. You can’t sell your product or ask for donations in an empty room. PR and marketing are how you get people in your room and get them to listen.

Where are you on the scale of 0 to marketing genius?

At risk of making sweeping generalisations, if the internet became a thing while you were growing up, you were among the first on social media, and you’re generally pretty savvy with technology – or you were born at any point since then and you literally don’t know life before the internet – then chances are you will have a good handle on some aspects of PR and marketing.

This is especially true of social media, although it is important to know the difference between using social media in a personal capacity, and as a business.

And if you’re not very savvy with a computer, phone or tablet, you might live in blissful ignorance when it comes to worrying about how your website is optimised and which bloggers and vloggers (stick with me – video bloggers!) would be great to help promote your organisation.

Even if you haven’t thought about using PR and marketing in your work before (it’s likely you will have been doing some things instinctively anyway, even if you don’t recognise it as such), I would really urge you to think about the way you’re communicating with your existing and potential audiences. You’ll know if you’re doing things in a haphazard, as you think of them, sort of way, or if you’re actually executing a well thought-out and reasoned plan to achieve specific goals.

How does our PR and marketing help you?

The reason that we combine PR and marketing in the action plans we create is because you need both to really achieve your business or charitable aims, whether you’re a sole trader or a huge organisation. The impression that a person has of you, for good or bad, is the net effect of all of the PR and marketing activities that they have been exposed to. It’s how they have combined all of that in their mind to come up with an overall decision of yes, I am going to buy from you and I am going to be a loyal customer, or yes, I care about your charity and I’m going to support you.

Because we focus on small businesses and charities, many of which are just at the beginning of their journeys, we know that resources are tight. So we don’t say you need to go out and spend silly money on TV adverts, double-page spreads in national newspapers and YouTube videos to rival a Spielberg production. We start with the essentials – what are your most pressing business or charity priorities right now, and what is the most effective way of using PR and marketing to help achieve those?

Done well, the cost of PR and marketing is covered – and some – by its positive outcomes. And it has an accumulative effect, so each step you take generates even better outcomes further down the road as momentum grows. And the truth is, some of the most effective things you can do to help your organisation don’t cost very much at all, and many of them are completely free. You just need the right help to get you started.

(That’s us by the way.)

by Hannah Upton

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