Want to kick-start your public relations and marketing but not sure where to start?

At Pay as you PR, we offer the no-nonsense help
your business or charity needs, just when you need it.

Our ethos is to be flexible, honest and efficient, and to make you
feel empowered rather than reliant on someone else for help.

Public relations and marketing: what's it all about?

Public relations, or PR, is just that: the relationship you have with the public and how you maintain your reputation. It’s all about increasing awareness of and trust in your organisation. No matter how small your operation is, we can help you tell your story.

Marketing is how you motivate your target audience to do something, like buy from you or donate to a cause, and how to keep them coming back to you as loyal customers or supporters. We think of it as the nuts and bolts of how you promote your work and services, whether it’s through websites and newsletters, social media and advertising, or events and promotions.

At Pay as you PR we take care of both for you, because if you want your business or charity to grow and succeed, you really can’t have one without the other. Added together, they are the most effective way for you to achieve your business or charitable aims.

Based in Norwich, Norfolk, but working with clients around the UK, we offer a range of services. These include one-off packages to carry out a full audit of your business or charity’s PR and marketing activity, identifying specific improvements you can make to achieve your goals. We can then send you off with the knowledge, tools and detailed action plan you need to carry on by yourself. Alternatively we can work together on an ongoing basis, as much or as little as you need each month, so we can carry out the action plan for you.

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